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In need of a 30 seater Luxury Bus Rental with a driver? Look no further other than Destiny Passengers Transport.

Get the best bus rental experience across UAE with our leading 30 seater coaster bus in Dubai. Our fleet of premium licensed buses
with trained drivers, and unmatched customer service make us unbeatable in the world of the 30 seater luxury bus rental service .

The fleet of auspicious buses with comfortable seats, enough room for legs, and maximum accommodation facility for luggage make us proud
to be unparalleled in the transportation industry. We specialized in arranging the move for a large group of people for any type of occasion
. All you have to do is come to us with your itinerary, and service requirements, and the rest is on us. We take care of each detail to make
your move smooth and hassle-free.

Book us for your leisure or corporate events including business trips, meetings, corporate events, vacations, airport pick and drop, and many others
for the group of 25 to 30 people. We are available for you 24/7 with our premium collection of 30 seater luxury bus rental options for your people.

Once you booked a 30 seater minibus with us and don’t worry about the rest. We cover all the expenses including Salik (Toll) charges, fuels, drivers VAT,
insurance of bus, and vehicle. All you have to do is fasten your seatbelt for the journey and enjoy the process.

30 seater Coaster Bus in Dubai

We have a diverse range of buses to facilitate people with their transportation needs. If you are a person having a group of 25+ people
and looking around for the best transportation company that can fulfill your needs, then Destiny Transport is the best available option in the town.

Out of many buses, our 30 seater coaster bus for Dubai hire is one of the most luxurious and spacious vehicles in the fleet. You might consider
our 30 seater coaster bus for your next move. It has a lot of space for passengers and their luggage. They can move comfortably during the ride.
The climate control feature of our 30 seater coaster bus in Dubai is what makes it exceptional. Zip across the city or all across UAE with our 30 seater coaster bus
and make your long journey unforgettable with us.

Why You Choose Our 30 seater Coaster Bus hire in Dubai?

Being in the transportation sector for the past 15 years makes us confident enough that we can fulfill your transportation needs. We understand the journey
and the process. In our journey of 15 years, have dealt with thousands of satisfied clients. We know what our client needs and how we can fulfill them.
We are providing unmatched services in the world of 30 seater luxury bus rental services.

There is no doubt about it that we have the best, most spacious, cleaned, and equipped technology 30 seater rental buses in Dubai. But that’s not all.
To be perfect, one has to consider the details. To be the most trusted transportation company, we have done a lot for our clients.

In any journey, safety is the prime concern. Our 30 seater minibus has seat belts to keep our passengers safe during the ride. We have fulfilled all
safety protocols, each 30 seater minibus goes through a thorough inspection before and after a ride to minimize the risk of technical issues.
Our team of engineers keeps the company updated about the buses' conditions and takes necessary steps to ensure safety.

All the above steps are taken before our 30 seater coaster bus in Dubai is not on the road. For road safety, our company Destiny Passenger Transport LLC
goes beyond every other company in the transportation sector. We believe that the lives of passengers and their safety is our utmost priority.
And in any ride, the lives of the rest passengers are in the hand of the drivers who are driving the vehicles.

With this thought process, we hire only experienced drivers with the least 7 years of experience in driving. They all are licensed and well-trained.
Proper training sessions are conducted to keep them updated with the current trends in road safety and rules and regulation. As Dubai driving rules are strict
and we understand the process. We make sure every driver driving our 30 seater luxury bus in Dubai is well aware of Dubai roads and their regulation..

Another reason, why you should choose us is our customer service team. Every member of our team is selected through proper channels,
and so do our customer service team. They are professional, well-trained, and responsive. They are available every time of the day
to best facilitate you with your problems and their solutions.

Prices for 30 Seater Bus Rental Dubai With Driver

Most people ask us about the rental minibus price in the UAE. To answer this, I would say as each individual is different so every ride is. The cost to
rent a 30 seater minibus depends on multiple factors like as the time you are using the 30 seater luxury bus either for a day, week, month, or long term,
the distance you want to cover, the place you want to go, the vehicle you choose. And this is all decided at the time of the booking.

Our representative will tell you about each and everything and guide you about the most suitable package for you. And then you can choose the best
suitable 30 seater bus or minibus based on your budget and requirement.


Destiny Passengers Transport is in the market for over a decade. It has an extensive fleet of vehicles including a 30 seater luxury bus available
for rental purposes. Our well-trained drivers and their road knowledge make us unparalleled in the transportation sector. You can rent our
30 seater mini bus for weddings, business purposes, school trips, corporate events, sports team moves, or any other where you have a group of
large people. We also customize rides. To know more about our 30 seater luxury buses and the services we are providing, you have to contact us
via WhatsApp, website, or email and book an unforgettable journey of luxury, comfort, and convenience.