7 seater Car Rental In Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai with family or friends and worried about the transportation? The most suitable option could be renting a car. 7 seater car rental,
Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Previa could be a nice choice for a group of 5 to 7 people and this will also solve the luggage problems.

What are 7 seater SUV Cars RENTAL in DUBAI?

The car rental business has seen growth in the past few decades, especially for 7-seater cars. People choose 7-seater cars over the 5-seater car options
as they have more space and luggage accommodation. For the people who don’t know what a 7-seater? To make it clear for those, seven-seaters come
with two rows to accommodate three people on each row and have a separate seat with a driver for the seventh person. The front row is foldable to give
the easy access to the people. Also, they have a separate space on the backside to cover the luggage.

7 seater van rental dubai with Destiny Transportation:

Think about a scenario where you get a perfect affordable holiday or vacation deal, and now you are thinking about your transportation needs in
the mega city of Dubai. But you don’t know who is trustworthy and reliable. In this situation, the best reliable option is an experienced car rental company
and it is none other than Destiny Transport’s 7 seater car rental service within UAE Don’t get the big 7 seater car rental companies to rip you off.
Some companies offer costly 7 seater car rental services and are not ready to negotiate in terms of discount.

Options on the Luxury 7 Seater Car Rental:

There are multiple 7 seater car options to choose from. We have SUVs, Sedans, and other luxurious vehicles full of amenities to cater to your needs.
The available options for 7 seater car rental in Dubai are,

  • Honda Odessy
  • Toyota coaster 30
  • Kia Carnival
  • Toyota Previa

It’s not the end, we have many other options for 7 seater car rental at our end. You can book a 7 seater car with us to turn your journey
into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Perks of choosing a 7 seater car rental:

There are multiple benefits if you go for a 7 seater car rental option in UAE.


Flexibility in making your plan on the go. You can change your plan according to the needs of the hour.

Shared Driving

If you are booking our 7 seater car rental service for a long time like for days or weeks, you will benefit from shared driving. This means you don’t have
to drive with a single driver. We will shuffle our driver's duties as we care for our team and clients.

Shopping Option

A shopping option is available on the go. You booked for sightseeing but one of the 96 malls come on the way, so you can ask your driver of the 7 seater car
to stop there and opt for the shopping option.

Easy Booking:

With us, you can book your next vehicle with a single click. Just send a quote to us with the date and day you want to book, the model of the vehicle,
and the number of cars you want to book. The rest is on us, our team will contact you on your availability and share the details. You will pay
the dues and they will book the ride on your conditions. On the booked day, the driver will come to your doorstep with your 7 seater car and give you
the most luxurious ride in recent times.


A 7 seater car rental in Dubai is a budget-friendly option. As we provide different packages for long-term customers. You get the car based on your budget
and get rid of private taxis and hectic train schedules.

FAQs for Hiring 7 seater car rental in dubai city

How much do we have to pay to hire a 7 Seater Car Rental Car Hire?

7 seater car rental prices vary on different models and some facilities clients want to book with. On average it would cost you between
AED 50 per day to AED 60 per day.

Do you have any booking cancellation policy for a 7 Seater Car Rental With Driver ?

Yes, we understand things happen for no reason sometimes we call it an emergency. In case of any emergency when you want to cancel the booking,
you can but at least 48 hours before the time to avoid paying anything.

Which 7 seater car rental company in Dubai is best?

Best means one providing everything at a reasonable price. To quote the best 7 seater car rental company in Dubai could be Destiny Transport,
as its vehicles are full of amnesties, they deliver their services on time, their customer service is amazing and 24/7 availability make them unique
in the transportation market. Don’t wait for anything. Book your next 7 seater car rental with Destiny Transport and meet with
comfort and luxury on the go!