Ride with Pride: Destiny Passenger Transport

Destiny Passenger Transport, established in 2008, is a leading passenger transport and travel company out of all the passenger transport companies in Dubai.
We provide you with the best, most luxurious, most affordable, comfortable, and quality ride for you and your staff toward their destiny.
It comes with a fleet of buses, mini-busses, vans, etc., and crew to meet your extraordinary needs for any type of event.

Destiny Passenger Transport LLC is the leading force in advancing public transportation.

At Destiny Passenger Transport Bus Rental Company in Dubai, we understand you and your needs.
We have several vans, buses, mini-busses, and coaches to rent out based on your requirements. We can customize your ride within your budget.
We come with many options starting from 7-seater Hiace Van to 80-seater luxury buses and everything in between.

Core Values of the Company

If you ask us the reason why you should choose us over the number of Staff transportation Companies in Dubai .Then the answer is, we
have core values at our place.
As we truly believe, Ride is all about comfort and safety. Comfort comes with luxury. We ensure every ride we deliver comes with the comfort that you deserve.
That’s why our fleet comprises comfortable seats and is equipped with modern amenities to give you a wonderful ride to you and your guests.
For the second important component in any ride, safety, we come up with our licensed drivers. Our experienced licensed drivers are trained
and well-known on every road in Dubai and help you to reach your destination on time with safely. We ensure you the best ride you get with us.

Types of Transportations:

If we talk about the type of transportation, we provide. We are delighted to announce we have several options to fulfill your requirements.
Whether it’s a school trip, staff trip, staff meeting, corporate event, wedding, and airport transfer. Destiny Transport is here for you.
We are the people for the people with people. We can customize a trip for you and offer packages that best suit you. Destiny Transport Dubai has the right vehicles
and expertise to help you with your needs. You do not need to worry about anything once we are with you. This is your trust that makes us go to this length of time.
We are in the market for the past 15 years and it’s your support that took us this long and would take us many years ahead by
the grace of God. This and above all make us the best leading chauffeur transport company in Dubai.

Services at Destiny Transport:

There are several services we provide as the best leading passenger Transport Company in Dubai which are as follows,

  • Shuttle Bus Service
  • Pick and Drop Service
  • Bus Rental Service
  • Staff Transportation
  • Airport Transport
  • Concert and Events Transport Service
  • Special Occasion Transport Service

We provide all kinds of travel services that include city tours, temple tours, beach tours, wildlife tours, private tour honeymoon trips, day trips, night trips, and many more.

Vehicles in Fleet:

There are many vehicles in our fleet to help you with your needs. Our fleet comprises of

We are going to discuss every service and the vehicle we provide you in detail in the next paragraphs with affordable rates.
I hope you will get answers to every possible question in your mind.Our policy is we only provide our larger buses of 80 seater
for staff transportation while the rest are available for any other event. Let’s dive deeper into this,

bus rental


We are here with the shuttle bus service. Destiny Transport’s shuttle bus service is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and stress-free ride to your tourist spots. In our shuttle service, we provide you with a range of buses starting from 7 seater car rentals, 22 seater buses, 30 seater coater buses in Dubai, 35 seater buses, 49 seater buses, 50 seater luxury tourist bus rentals with driver, and 52 seater taxi van for rent.
Our airport drop-off service in Dubai is flexible enough to accommodate your needs whether you are leaving the city or arriving.

If you need a ride to the airport, our drivers will pick you up from wherever you specify. You no longer need to worry about finding parking or figuring out how to get about town because of our trustworthy service. We'll handle the transportation arrangements so you can concentrate on making the most of your trip. .

Our chauffeurs are professional and trained and know how to provide executive shuttle service. They manage time with their time management skill to give you the best city tour guide in Dubai. They are well-informed about the tourist spots in and outside Dubai. And they guide you in your journey with knowledge and ease.

Destiny Transport, not only provides you with the service of a point-to-point city tour but also, provides cheap airport shuttle service to you and your companions. Being a well-reputed passenger transport and rental company in Dubai.
shuttle bus rental

Pick and Drop Services

The next we have come up with is Pick and Drop Service in Dubai. This service varies to our client's needs. We provide multiple options to you. It could be a monthly pick-and-drop service for your child or staff or it could be a single pick-and-drop service to your guests.

We have vans and mini-busses running in the city for different destinations based on our client’s requirements. We provide you with this service at affordable rates. In our pick-and-drop service, our drivers pick up your staff from their destinations on time and help them reach their locations with comfort and ease.

We have several vehicles for our monthly pick-and-drop services. It includes 30 seater minibus, 35 seater luxury bus, 50 seater minibus Dubai, 60 seater luxury bus, and 80 seater luxury buses. We have different models for different vehicles. You can choose a model based on your taste or style.

transport companies in dubai

Bus Rental Services

In a city like Dubai, every business can’t own their vehicle for a few a month for staff, private or party tours. For companies like those we provide luxury bus rental Dubai services and we are the one you can believe in. At our place, we provide the best rental services to our clients.

Our service varies from mini bus rental Dubai to party bus rental Dubai and everything in between. You can contact us to provide you with ou the best rental services in the town. We will provide you with a bus rental service in Dubai with the driver and make your staff tour or meeting as memorable as you can’t think.

If you are thinking about the vehicles we are providing to you for bus rental services. Then I am about to unveil it. In our bus rental service in Dubai, we have multiple options to choose from. We Destiny passenger transport, a passenger transport company in Dubai is fully equipped with all types of vehicle our customers want.

We have 7 seater van rental in Dubai, 9 seater car rental Dubai, 22 seater Toyota coaster van rental service, 30 seater bus rental in Dubai with the driver, 35 seater bus on rent, 50 seater coaster for rent in Dubai with driver in Dubai to rent out. We can assure you to have once in a lifetime experience if you choose us.Visit Us

bus rental services in dubai

Airport Transfer

Either you have clients, partners, or family members to get them airport transfers. Destiny Passenger Transport is your best buddy in this cause. We know not having appropriate transport for the airport could be a heavy task sometimes and you feel yourself in trouble. We have solved this problem with our Dubai airport transfer services.
We are here to help to give you a vehicle of your choice to get yourself a ride to Dubai airport or airport transfer from Dubai to Abu Dubai to cater diverse range of travel needs. We provide airport transfer services in Dubai and make it seamless for you. We value the time and money you put in to get a safe, comfortable ride.
If we talk about the vehicles we have for our airport transfer services, include 7 seater cars, 9 seater cars, 22 seater bus hire, 30 seater minibus, 35 seater bus Dubai, and 50 seater taxi van for rent

No 1 Bus Rental Service in Dubai: Destiny Transport UAE

Destiny Transport is a bus rental Dubai based company with a main focus on quality, comfort, and safety. We have buses of different companies
to fulfill your need of any kind whether it’s a corporate event or a weeding party. Dubai, an Emirate in UAE is famous for many symbols
like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, luxury shopping centers, and ultramodern architecture sites. Transportation of a large group
of people is a daunting task. And we all are well aware of group travel headaches and clumsy transportation plans.

Imagine this, you are in need to relocate a large group of people who can be your family members, business associates, business guests, staff, etc.
to multiple places either for sightseeing or business meetings. You have to explore the available options which are public transport,
car rental or bus rental services. Out of all these, the most economical is public transportation but if you choose this your group would not
be able to reach their destination safely and on time. And for the car rental option, you have to rent many cars which is not going to be budget-friendly.

For you, the last option that could be the most affordable one is bus rental in Dubai. Now the next step is to explore the bus rental companies in Dubai.
Here we got you, Destiny Transport UAE is the leading bus rental Dubai with its quality services. We at Destiny Transport provide multiple options of vehicles
and services to choose from. Our fleet comprises vans, mini-buses, Hiace coaches, and buses to give the clients a variety of options
to choose from based on their needs.

Destiny transport bus rental Dubai will allow you and your group a safe, comfortable ride. It would give you a relaxing ride all the way
from your pickup point to your final destination. Once you booked with us, your trip becomes our responsibility. We customize your
trip according to your time and availability and for that, we make a roadmap for your trip.

Whether your guests are visiting a skyscraper, underwater zoo, or either heading towards a party or airport. Destiny Travel provides
the best bus rental service in Dubai to you and your people by allowing one-spot parking and a way for your group to stay together before and after the event.
Destiny Travel UAE is providing its bus rental service with drivers. Our drivers are professional and licensed. They are well-trained
and well-informed about Dubai and all over UAE roads. They know how to relocate their passengers in a deadlock situation.
Our drivers use different navigation sites to change routes in times of crisis.

The ultimate aim of Destiny Travel is customer satisfaction. Being a part of this transportation industry from 2008 enable us to help our clients
with the best services. At the time of booking our team take a keen interest in the client’s requirements. And by doing so, our experienced staff
help them with more than one possible solution. And then lock the deal. Destiny Travel UAE, a luxury bus rental Dubai,
is providing many buses. You can book a bus or more based on your need and team member. We encourage you to book on early basis.
This way you are not helping us but you too by reserving the best ride on Dubai roads.

Our bus rental services in Dubai are open for any event, occasion, or circumstance. We are providing our luxury bus rental Dubai services
for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, city tours, student trips, staff meetings, airport transport, and many others.
Whether it's mini bus rental Dubai or party bus rental Dubai, we provide the best service in the town.

Concerts & Events Transportation

We provide our services in many other ways to facilitate our customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide special occasion transport services like birthday transport, wedding transport, event transport, or annual dinner transport. We can customize your quality trip within your budget. We have several options for you to choose from 7-seater to 50-seater buses or vehicles. We only provide 60 seater and 80 seater buses for staff transportation services. After having a big bowl of information and exciting offers, you must be thinking about our booking requirements. There you go. In the next paragraphs, you are going to know how to book a vehicle for ac repair abu dhabi.

Process of Booking

We are open for booking 24/7 and at any time of the day. You can book yourself by following these steps.

1. Choose your desired vehicle from the fleet, and decide the number of vehicles and services you want to avail.
2. Once you decided on all the prerequisites, give a call to our customer service team and ask for any possible query in your mind.
3. Take your time to think and book your ride with Destiny passenger transport, fill in the credentials, and pay the required amount of money.
4. Once you pay the dues, you will get a confirmation call and you are all booked with Destiny Passenger Transport.
5. On the decided day you will get your vehicle on time, neat and clean.

Enjoy the ride with luxury and pride with Destiny Passenger Transfer. We appreciate you if you book your ride 2 weeks before the time.
It would be an easy and smooth process for both of us. And if you want an urgent booking, book your ride at least 12 hours before the ride.

Benefits of Choosing Destiny Transport

At Destiny Transport, we provide our customers with luxury bus rental services in Dubai at the best affordable prices. To check prices please call our customer service team and tell them your requirements and get benefit with the world’s best passenger transport services.

Affordable Prices

We believe in cleanliness as half of faith. Our vehicles are clean and up-to-date to fulfill modern requirements. We have a team to check the vehicle's
condition before going on a trip whether it’s a short trip or a long week rental service. We provide our customers
with the best possible facilities to make their trip memorable and fancy.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

We believe in cleanliness as half of faith. Our vehicles are clean and up-to-date to fulfill modern requirements.
We have a team to check the vehicle's condition before going on a trip whether it’s a short trip or a long week rental service. We provide our customers
with the best possible facilities to make their trip memorable and fancy.

24/7 Availability

As we said we are the people for the people. We are here for you the whole year, month, week, or day, any time.
No matter where you want to book your ride, we are just one call away. We do not need to think about the time, you just have to come up with any possible question.
We are here to facilitate you.

Customer Service

We provide the best customer service as a passenger transport company in the town. You can feel it by contacting us.


Destiny Passenger Transport is a well-known transport company in Dubai. We provide the best rental vehicle facility to our customers at affordable rates.
What we are today is all because you believe in us. We truly appreciate your confidence in us and assure you to have quality service from us.
We truly believe in our mission statement and on the road of fulfilling it. We want you join hands with us in this noble cause as it will help us to secure our environment too.
Thank you for reading this far. We truly appreciate our audience for their time and belief in us

Best Transport Services Provider in UAE

Destiny Passenger Transport

Each client is treated with respect, courtesy, and a level of professionalism that is deserved.

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